About us

One Broad Street is a historic four story antebellum building located at the corner of Broad and East Bay Street in Charleston, SC.


The building was purchased in 1852 by the State Bank of South Carolina and designed by Charleston's most notable antebellum architectural firm, Jones & Lee. It is considered one of the finest Italian Renaissance Revival style buildings in the country. It has survived bombardment, hurricanes, and a major earthquake. 

The building has been fully restored three times. An extensive rebuild after the Civil War, a remodel in the early 1980s, and finally our business renovation over the last years to bring you One Broad Street.

Chef, Kevin Getzewich (formerly of Two Boroughs Larder, The Macintosh, and Indaco) has teamed up with Normandy Farms baker and owners, Ben Johnson and Mike Ray, to create a unique take on breakfast, lunch, and dinner small plates inspired by the variety of breads coming from Normandy Farms Bakery. 

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